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We capture the real world and bring it into the digital realm using advanced AI technology.

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Artificial intelligence enables us to simulate human behavior for the first time. Anything a human can do, a neural network can do.
- but more reliably and faster.

Prof. Dr. Patrick Tichelmann

Head of the Laboratory for Applied AI - TH Köln

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What You See is What We Scan

We transform visual data into valuable insights, accelerate decision-making and create customized solutions for industrial processes, quality control, and more.

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Document Data Extraction

Optimize your communications with our Large Language Models. More efficient. More creative. More successful. Discover the future of digitization.

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Object Recognition with Deep Learning

Experience the power of object recognition. Accurate. Fast. Innovative. Discover how we bring your world to life with advanced technology.

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Industrial Automation

Innovation through machine learning, digital twins, predictive maintenance. Shape the future, increase efficiency, minimize downtime. Discover the revolution today.

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With expertise in Large Language Models, Industrial Object Recognition, Machine Learning, Predictive Maintenance and Digital Twins, we are reshaping innovation. Discover how our customized solutions solve your challenges and lead your business into the future. Experience progress with Detection X.

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We don't have the right solution for you yet? No problem. We develop a custom module tailored to your needs, guide you through the implementation process and support you during the implementation.

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Zusammen mit Professor Dr. Patrick Tichelmann von der TH Köln stellte Peter Lüdorf von der Räder123 GmbH auf der Tire Cologne Detection-X vor. Die KI-Lösung soll mithilfe neuronaler Netze ähnlich funktionieren, wie das menschliche Gehirn.

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